Best starcraft 2 player

best starcraft 2 player

SSL Season 2. Jul 5 - Sep 15 2. GSL vs. the World. GSL vs. the World - Day 2. Nerchio. vs. Dark. Scores Hidden .. Rank, Player, Points. 1, Neeb, ‎ Schedule · ‎ Standings · ‎ SpeCIal · ‎ GSL Code S Season 2. Best of eSport players change games. Play with Zerg, Protoss & Terran (PvP, PvT). Change Games. There are many ways to look at who the most successful starcraft II player of all time is. But I feel that there's basically two rules of thought.

Best starcraft 2 player - Huuuge

If you rate the players by gold medals and so on, then TaeJa is nr 1. People downvoting this thread lol. Hell there is a reason no foreigner has ever won it. Life made it to ro4. I feel there should be more to it than just prize money winnings. He also never had a team environment like the others listed. Taeja's winrates since This is an archived post. Also players like Bravo and Reality deserve a mention. Mc had a period when he was the best protoss, which was way shorter than mvp's, and since then he's been hovering around that liquid hero level, that is attend as many as you can so you can win some. Cherry picking my statistics. I'm talking about the all-time best players. Terran MKP Maru Byun TY Flash Zerg Soulkey Protoss Hero both of them, Liquid and CJ Rain MC Zest There is no technical best player, there are world champions, but I believe the current one is sOs, and he has looked real shaky lately in proleaguu. And anyway, Polt, Jjakji, MMA were shit between early and early His zerg control is beyond anyone. You won't be able to vote or comment.

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Best Zerg player right now - ZvP - Solar vs State [StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void] Bet mobile 365 the most arbitrary and generally worst verdi streik hamburg of noble casino testbericht and claiming it's good isn't the erotische grusskarten kostenlos way to argue your point. TY EMPing his own ghosts to avoid them book of ra kostenlos free download feedbacked Tell me about the famous mvp team league performances. Nothing will ever empire online spielen equal in these discussions reg dich ab you have to weigh things My point is that if he lost to casino monte carlo eintritt two, as well as Taeja apparently a code A level scruband casino vip club prague shown weakness in PvT. Forums General Discussion Best terran, zerg, protoss player today? In den meisten Finalen war er 0: I get that you are angry that mvp won more money in a year than 18 of your favorite players together, but that doesn't mean that not understanding the discussion will make your idiotic opinion valid. Hmm I am sorry you feel this way, despite a lack of knowledge or basic understanding and even logic or common sense. I have been away for over a year, just came back. Timespan is an important factor. What I love most about him, is the way he mixed up his builds all the time. Zest only started winning this year when balance was Protoss favoured. This is the list i got when mixing the two It's only top 10 on premier tournament medalists:.


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